No Sony SLRs any more, ever.

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Re: No Sony SLRs - they might want to reconsider...

Evildogofdoom wrote:

Amazon USA shows the D800 at #3, the A77 at 47. The A99 and D600 are nowhere, so I wouldn't relay on a snapshot from Amazon to proof anything. The sad fact is, fro Sony the A700, A850 and A900 were commercial failures. Otherwise they would have kept making OVF cameras.

To be fair the A900 was not selling well because Sony chosen to omit any LV or video recording with that body. Without that it is so easy to perceive cameras like the 5D2 is much much higher in the price/performance scale. The OVF on the A900 is awesome, but everything else is like 1/2 a step behind, including the noise performance at the time.

The A850 is just a second attempt to sell a watered down A900 at a lower price point to generate some user base. It was not even available in Japan.

And finally the higher end FF bodies also got some bad timing as 2008-2009 is not a good season for high end electronics. The Canon/Nikon got more fan boys and pros to keep the sales going. And the rest is history we didn't another new FF body until the recent launches by the big 3.

SLT is just good tech Sony wants to employ more. Can they do a SLT with an OVF? Good question. It is possible and Canon did that on their film camera before. But if video is the thing the OVF is not as good.

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