No Sony SLRs any more, ever.

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Re: No Sony SLRs - they might want to reconsider...

Piginho wrote:

TrojMacReady wrote:

They have stated so in interviews. And it's a fact that the mirrorbox and large prisms (as found above entry level) are some of the if not the most expensive parts in these cameras. Very labor intensive, as is the critical alignment of these parts. Also, the SLT's don't require metering sensors since that's done directly off the main sensor as well.

So because Sony have stated so in interviews, that makes it true?

You can think they lied and use the tinfoil hats while coming up with other theories (it's by far the most plausible one to me as well).

More likely they're are trying to drive the market in this direction as they clearly have a lead and their competitors aren't really in the game yet, hoping to steal some market share.

They're not really in a position to drive the market with market shares nowhere near the big 2 apart, let alone combined. Theyt are however in a position to differentiate by combining some of its core strengths.

To a point I would agree with you about costs of prisms, mirror box etc., however, you imply that the set up is labour intensive. I would suggest that with the manufacturing tolerances that Sony have proven themselves capable of (I mean, 24Mp on an APS sensor!) this doesn't need to be labour intensive.

24MP on an APS-C sensor is nothing special, just look at the 1 inch sensor with a density that's the equivalent of about 65MP on APS-C, not to mention compact sensors with double that density still. That's mostly machine work, from what I've seen classic DSLR's in these classes still have a lot of hand work to them and that's also what I referred to with labour intensive.

How much glass is there in a prism, compared to an entry level kit zoom lens? Again, prisms don't have to be that expensive. Also a prism is a lot simpler than a 16 element cheap kit zoom!

Apples and oranges.

Sorry, call me a cynic, but Sony are trying to hype up SLT/EVF, because they think that they will benefit in the long run. The irony to me, is that it may just work, because the vast majority of the consumer market will probably take to this technology, especially if it allows some bells and whistles that they don't get elsewhere.

Most of you on here thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread! Well give me a nice thick slice of freshly baked bread, with decent butter any day.

Most see the benefits for them. And you're free to follow your own preferences, wherever they lead you.

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