Street photography, had a guy go weird on me

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Consider this Scenario

rsn48 wrote:

I was at a very popular local area where I live at a beach location. I was practicing trying to hold the camera in such a way that the subject wouldn't know they were being photographed (this is what got me into trouble). Now you have to realize at this beach area that does kayak rentals on the Labour Day Holiday Monday, the place was packed with people.

I thought I'd try and take a shot or two of folks seated with my camera almost sitting on my lap but pointed at the subject. I'd shoot while looking away to not call attention to the act. However I was sitting beside this guy who clued in to what I was doing.

The gal I was photographing was full clothed, in fact wearing a sweater. I really wasn't interested in her as a subject so much as could I get the technique down pat. This gal was also roughly 25 years old, maybe a year or two younger or older, hard to say.

So I took the picture and the guy who wasn't with her but sitting beside me went into a rant about taking pictures of "little girls," (she definitely wasn't I told him it was a public place and many people were taking pictures of all sorts but this seemed to escalate him. Then he threatened to call the police ........

Lets consider the following scenario. At this point you refused and told him its none of his business. He goes and tells the girl you have been taking sneaky photos and she confronts you and demands you delete them. You refuse. She kicks up a fuss and calls the police. The police arrive and she tells them you have been taking photos of her without her permission. The guy chips in and confirms this and tells the police you were clearly doing this in a sneaky way to avoid detection. You admit to the police that this is what you did and that you have every right to do so and you did not break any laws.

Ok what is going to happen next ??

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