How small a camera for how big a sensor?

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Re: How small a camera for how big a sensor?

A medium format sensor with 35mm F/5.6 lens (full frame 21.6/3.5 equiv.) fits in the RX100 body and lens barrel size. Slightly longer lenses may still work but would quickly require a larger base diameter of the lens barrel for the light to pass so a medium format sensor in such a small body is only suitable for ultra wide angle lenses.

Of course whether the increased resolution such a combo brings over the equivalent lens on full frame is worth the reduced space available for the electronics and battery is questionable.

Even full frame seems unlikely in reasonably priced camera's in the near future so I am hoping for a camera like this with 24x16mm sensor and a prime between 18mm and 24mm with an aperture of about F/2. That would be about the same size or even slightly smaller than the RX100 depending on the exact lens used.

Even better would be if they release an interchangeable lens camera designed for in body retractable lenses that is the same size with the lens retracted as the equivalent fixed lens camera would be, think RX100 vs Nikon 1.

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