No Sony SLRs any more, ever.

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Re: No Sony SLRs - they might want to reconsider...

The whole argument is now redundant anyway. It is a small matter, using nothing more than a simple 45° mirror in the eyepiece train, to have an OVF camera with the same quality as the A900 and an instant switch to viewing an electronic finder perfectly matched in size, with the reflex mirror flipped up to allow operation from live view.

The development of PDOS means that something as simple as the LCD overlay used for an OVF focusing screen, incorporated into its surface, can also carry an entire invisible array of phase-detect pixels. With fully functional PDAF on-focusing-screen perfectly matched the same on-sensor, a camera can have unchanged functions and be switchable between pure OVF and identical EVF - a kind of SLR equivalent of the Fuji XPro-1.

The only penalty would be a small bulge to the side of the prism housing, containing the EVF which is a very small OLED display and some lenses.

The design possibilities now opened up are almost without limits, and can include both flipping mirrors and SLT, mirrorless, eye-level finders, waist-level finders, remote finders connected by a relay cable or completely wireless - almost infinite.

So to say that any company on Sony's scale will 'never' make any particular design again suggests that they would not be considering all options. I think they will, and we simply can't say exactly what developments may change the course of our cameras.


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