Fuji's Focus "by wire" on X mount - please explain

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Fuji's Focus "by wire" on X mount - please explain


I don't know much about these technical diferences between focusing engines, but I do know that I was much impressed with the first sample images from the X-E1 and was totally in love with the looks of the camera.

But then I read that it has a focusing system "by wire" that is very limiting both in AF performance and especially regarding a future change in focusing engines which would unable the use of the x lenses in another "x mount".

I read this in some comments here: http://www.fujixseries.com/discussion/933/fujifilm-x-mount-lens-road-map-2012-2013/p1

Some quotes on the comments there:

even if Nikon changed their mount in ten years and a new one replaced it people could easily get an adapter and use their glass manually (focus and aperture control on most lenses and in the worst case scenario just focus at wide open). These lenses are focus by wire which means they will only focus connected to the camera that supports this system...

Im just saying the F mont, M mount, any mount where the lens maintains manual control over at least focusing give that glass longevity because if you ever want to use it on another platform all you need is an adapter.

In my opinion the problem with this new system isn't the mount (I only used the F mount as an example). The thing thats holding me back is the focus by wire of these lenses. This means these lenses will not be usable in any other system even if you can get an adapter for the mount because you wont be able to focus them manually.

Picture this... You buy the system and all of the lenses... and lets say for the sake of argument that all the lenses are $600 a piece thats a total of $4,800 on lenses alone and lets say $1,700 for the camera and kit lens, a total of at least $6,500 (thats assuming that all the new lenses cost $600 which is VERY unlikely). Then down the road Fuji develops a new faster AF system and stops supporting this version of their AF. Thats over 5 grand down the drain because even if you could get an adapter to mount your old glass on this amazing new system it would be useless because you wouldn't even be able to focus it manually.

you know what one of my favorite lenses to use on my D7000 is? a cheap 50mm 1.8 E series lens, a lens that probably as old as me but I can still mount on my 6 month old camera and fully use because it is completely manual.

its not about the mount its about the focusing system it relies on the camera to work and thats my big problem with this system, when the camera becomes obsolete there is a good chance so will its glass...

Is this correct??

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