Warning to Sony, good folks at Sony Forum please read this.

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Tom Hoots
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Just plain WRONG.

Robert Garcia NYC wrote:

Message to Sony, you got me with the RX100 but if you won't provide firmware updates for your cameras (Rx100, etc., I am sure there must be something to make it better) this will be my last one.

A foolish statement, I would say.

I suppose you have forgotten about or ignored the FIVE (5) firmware updates Sony provided for the NEX-5. As a for-instance.

The NEX-5 was a new and completely different camera compared to anything that anyone had produced before. There were calls far and wide for improvements, and Sony provided an enormous amount of new controls and capabilities within those five firmware updates.

So, what's your beef with the RX100???

It uses a menu system virtually taken from Sony's DSLR line -- I see no need for improvement there. It provides plenty of control via the function button and/or the control ring around the lens -- what more would you like to stuff into them???

I see the RX100 as a very "mature" product, which employs features and controls that have been developed and fine-tuned during several years of usage in prior Sony cameras. It even has features, like the Multi Frame Noise Reduction control, that didn't even exist in the NEX lineup that preceded its release.

I have been buying Sony cameras for the past few years because they have provided the performance, features, and image quality I've wanted, often in unique, new formats that met my needs better than any camera any other manufacturer had ever produced. And Sony has provided firmware updates when they were able to answer widespread calls for them. The NEX-5 with the version 5 update was a far more capable camera than it was when it shipped with version 1.

I believe your subject is a non-issue. Entirely.

Tom Hoots

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