No Sony SLRs any more, ever.

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Re: No Sony SLRs any more, ever.

altendky wrote:

Piginho wrote:

I prefer the older technology of the human eye itself, being able to resolve from 150-250X the detail of the Sony EVF.

Though I suspect that the human eye can likely out-resolve the 1MP EVF (no basis, just a suspicion), 150-250x seems a bit aggressive. Any chance you've got a reference where I could read about this?

My pleasure altendky.

It's well worth reading the whole article, as it covers sensitivity/dynamic range issues, from which we can determine that the human eye also has a huge advantage paired with OVF, rather than being restricted by the limited data available from EVF, even with variable contrast setting.

However, the issue that I was drawing attention to relates to the acuity of the human eye and how this translates into resolution, or pixels if you will, compared to the 2.4Mp OLED viewfinder.

Though the human eye is capable of near 180 degree angle of view, the article quotes equivalent megapixel values for human eye with 90 degree and 120 degree angles of view.

At 90 degrees the megapixel value calculated is 324Mp and at 120 degrees we get 576Mp. From this the human eye can resolve between 135 and 240 times the detail of a 2.4Mp OLED display. Sorry that I quoted 150/250X, but these were very quick mental estimates based on my memory of this article. As you can see though, I wasn't far out.

So if you really want to trust an electronic display, when your eye at minimum resolves 135 times as much detail, then be my guest.

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