Nikon D600 announced

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Re: Nikon D600 announced

Not to harp on the point, but I think it comes down to whether you need a full frame sensor. In the past, for me, price put a good full frame sensor out of reach. There are many reasons I'd still want a DX body. The 1.5 crop is really nice when you need the reach - which is most of the time. But when I'm looking to go wide, I sure would appreciate the full frame sensor.

To me it's two different cameras. I see so many people comparing their DX body or asking if they should upgrade and I wonder if they really understand the difference. Now if you are only using one body, I still think the DX body is probably the way to go, unless you always need wide or do closeup work. It's really expensive to make up for the 1.5 crop on the long end of the lenses (exp. 200mm v 300mm price is a pretty substantial differential.)

I do think it's nice that the D600 is extremely similar in controls and software to the D7000. It makes for a very nice transition if you use both bodies.

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