I love my 5d3, but...

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Re: I love my 5d3, but...

chironNYC wrote:

But, if the D600 sensor lives up to its Sony heritage, without the megapixel overweight and manufacturing/design defects of the D800 (AF, green tint, etc.), I think it will be a very attractive camera in its own right. At $1400 less than the 5d3, it will appeal to many categories of shooters. If you can shoot a wedding with a 5d2, you can shoot a wedding with a D600.

It will only be attractive to enthusiasts, not weeing shooters. It's ISO capabilities are not on par with the 5D3 or D800 and when you stick a 70-200 or a 24-70 on the end of it, it will feeling like like a lead balloon.

It looks to be a fine and appealing camera at a price and with a sensor that will profoundly challenge Canon.

I doubt it. It would if it had a D800 body/AF/ISO and 6-8 fps.

I think it may be a market-changing camera.

Yes, that's about it.

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