No Sony SLRs any more, ever.

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Re: No Sony SLRs any more, ever.

tbcass wrote:

While I personally prefer the advantages a good EVF provides I do feel sorry for those that prefer OVFs. I guess your only future recourse is to change systems although there will, I believe, come a time that there will be only EVF cameras except for a couple very expensive models.

I'm sure that my just purchased A900, that is pretty indistinguishable from new, will last for a while yet. I will also keep my eyes open for A900/A850 bodies on the secondhand market and as and when I can afford, I will buy extra bodies as back up.

Who knows, when the A99 starts to come down in price, especially secondhand, I may consider getting one as back up to my A900!

Sony have been down blind alleys before, BetaMax, Mavica etc., so don't be so sure that everyone will follow them down the EVF route. Of course, if the EVF screen had 36 megapixels, I might consider it.

If I could afford the 3,200 Canadian dollars to convert my 5 Contax N Zeiss autofocus lenses via Conurus in Canada to Canon EF mount, with full AF functionality and open aperture metering with full auto stop down, then a Canon 5D Mk III would be looking mighty attractive right now.

No one's going to force me to go EVF if I don't want to, or if I feel that it's not good enough for the way that I like to work. I'm 52 years old and there's a good chance that I'll die before the last working OVF camera stops working, so tbcass, thanks for your concern, but don't worry, I'll be alright, for a while anyway.

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