Is Samsung leaving mirrorless market?

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Re: In a vacuum, sure.

zkz5 wrote:

I'm not surprised. Sadly this seems to be becoming the norm for mirrorless lenses. The m4/3 12-35 was recently reviewed and found to have well over 5% at the wide end. That's a large $1,300 lens.

And that's really bad news for guys doing video. Cause your choices are to live with the distortion and as someone crosses the frame you get to watch them elongate at the corners, or you can correct for distortion and watch something crossing the frame go soft/sharp/soft. Neither is really ideal. Not as hard to hide with stills, but quite an issue for video.

Back in the early days of anamorphic the 2X squeeze wasn't constant at close distances. They called it "Anamorphic Mumps" because when you pushed in for a closeup the person's face would get wide.

The new Blackmagic Cinema Camera just made a 4/3 version available and with its 15.81mm x 8.88mm sensor size I was thinking it might make a good match, but then you start looking for the optics that are extremely low distortion and it really narrows the range down again.


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