No Sony SLRs any more, ever.

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Re: No Sony SLRs - they might want to reconsider...

Evildogofdoom wrote:

Amazon USA shows the D800 at #3, the A77 at 47. The A99 and D600 are nowhere, so I wouldn't relay on a snapshot from Amazon to proof anything. The sad fact is, fro Sony the A700, A850 and A900 were commercial failures. Otherwise they would have kept making OVF cameras.

Assuming that Sony believe that the A700, A850 and A900 were commercial failures, on what planet would you be right to assume that it's anything to do with OVF?

Canon and Nikon have most of the professional as well as advanced enthusiast market sewn up and all with OVF!

If Sony have failed with the above cameras, it may be a lack of humility on their part. Trying to run before they can walk. If you're up against the big 2 and trying to grow a significant market share at their expense, you have to either offer a lot more bang for your buck and be able to transmit this in your sales and marketing, or you have to offer an equivalent package at a much lower price point to break into the market and probably you have to do both.

Sony continue with the same mistakes on the A99. The price point already looks too high for their current position in the market place, despite a feature set that looks very interesting. That said, if they're features that you don't want, or can't use unless you buy new glass or new flash equipment etc., the feature set won't do it for you.

As a long time Zeiss user, through my Contax system, it was the Zeiss connection that drew me to Sony in the first place. A550 being my first. It certainly wasn't any of Sony's whizz-bang features. With the acquisition of Konica-Minolta and their own electronics background, plus the Zeiss connection, Sony should be in a position to clean up.

This won't happen if they don't listen to their customers, or potential customers.

I am also saddened by most of the pro-EVF comments. Yes have your own opinion, but don't try to make us OVF lovers out to be some kind of Luddites who should roll over and die or something.

I felt that my first post in this thread was balanced, as I could see some benefits in EVF, but I maintain the fact that EVF is vastly inferior at translating detail of the scene in front of you, even when zoomed in, to a good OVF, based on the acuity of the human eye, which as I said before is at least 150-250X better than the A77/A99 EVF.

Also, there's no reason why Sony couldn't produce EVF and OVF cameras side by side, after all, they've been doing it for years already, until they stopped A850 production.

So, each to his own. EVF lovers, continue to enjoy EVF with my blessing, not that you need or want it, but let us OVF lovers do likewise. I will go EVF when it's good enough for me and it's not yet. I only got my first DSLR last year as I felt that digital had just got good enough!

And yes, I still have my Contax film cameras and Zeiss lenses, so I will be doing a direct comparison when I can get around to it, so laugh at film if you like, but we'll see!

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