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Re: Hard to believe digiKam does it all

CAcreeks wrote:

I don't believe digiKam has the noise-reduction abilities of Lightroom, and probably does not support RAW conversion from the newest camera models as well as, or as soon as, Adobe does.

digiKam does have some good noise reduction abilities. My camera produces very little noise (Pentax K-5) so I never bother with it. Try it and see. It does seem to support new cameras rather rapidly. Are you wondering about one in particular?

DarkTable is the other contender, but as usual in the Linux world, it's hard to pick one over the other, and pointless choices can waste a lot of time. (Not that digiKam vs DarkTable is a pointless choice, it's just a common situation in the Linux world.)

Try them both and see which one you like. They are both free. I see choice as a positive thing for Linux.

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