Why not a new Fuji DSLR?

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Re: Why not a new Fuji DSLR?

I think you may have answered your own question when you said in your first post that "SLR's are a fiercely competitive market".

From what I've been told the Fuji S series actually took sales from Nikon before those two companies "split" in an agreement they had with each back then. However, Fuji may see a brighter future in the type of bodies they are producing now and when you have pro photographers happily swapping their bulky, heavy, weather proof bodies for the likes of the XPro1 who is to say that Fuji isn't correct?

I just thought your choice of the term of describing Fuji as a "pee wee" company hinted at resentment. While they may not be at the top of the dslr ranks they are still heavyweights in the photographic industry as a whole. Where's Kodak now in comparison?


rattymouse wrote:

zoooming wrote:

It's not as if the 'S' series dslr's were unpopular. They had a niche in the wedding market and from reports were popular enough to detract from Nikon sales at the time and users still swear by them.

Yep, the dynamic range of the S series cameras was an absolute boom to wedding photogs. They have long sinced moved on now.

Maybe Fuji sees more of a future in the area they are headed at present - X100, X10, XPro-1 etc... Once again highly popular cameras, that produce excellent results, in a niche market.

I was here when the S5 was current and at the end of its life. Wedding photogs desparately waited for news from Fujifilm. Anything . They wanted to know what was the future? Would there be an S6? Or were they leaving the market? No one knew and month after month after month there were posts from professional photographers trying to hang on and upgrade to the next Fuji. As time contined to move on posts changed to how these pros were moving onto the Nikon D700....and liking it.

Now there are virtually no pros using S series SLR's. They were royally burned by Fuji, would could not be bothered to tell their customers anything .

Your comment re Fujifilm being a 'pee wee ' (which they aren't) sounds like you bear a grudge against them.

Nonsense. Fujifilm has either 8th or 7th marketshare, depending on whose research you follow. By any measure they are a pee wee.

I have 8 Fujifilm cameras in my house. Why would I have a grudge against them?

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