Sony RX1 and it's effect on the Leica world

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Re: I don't see the competition with Leica.

I find quite hilarious the Rolls/Ford kind of comments, Leica is so much better !! ddadidadaaaa , it is in essence what Microsoft Sony, Motorola and else said about Apple when they came with iPhone,

I may even be more interesting to see if they decide to put a Ford engine in the Rolls , in other word a Sony sensor in the Leica... how ironical that would be....

so no Leica is a very nice and certainly a good camera for the past few years but at 7K$ for the M9 , where is the M10 going 8K$ 9K$? , this doesn't make sense, Sony and Fuji will grab share and push Leica out of the market at that pace...

The way I see it Leica has to do a lot more to keep its niche, its not because you put a bit of Titanium that your camera is good, so they need to up the game, the question is how much more ???
I think the best example of my comments is the X2... it won't last as it is...

sponnan wrote:

There is more to image capturing than 35mm sensor and faster lens. The colors, tonal range etc. Leica lens and camera is pricey for a reason. They are targeted towards a particular breed of photographers. There are lots of cheaper third party 35mm lenses but are they better than leica? Can Ford take away the market share of Rolls-Royes by making the same horse power engine and same chassis as of Rolls-Royes? Competition in market is good for consumers. I like the fact that there are smaller cameras with larger sensors. They are different tools for different purposes. So just enjoy the developments.

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