No Sony SLRs any more, ever.

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Re: No Sony SLRs any more, ever.

Jabez02 wrote:

That Sony was going all SLT and mirror less has been known for some time. Canon and Nikon are much more tied to legacy systems.

The Nikon 1 "system" is an attempt to deny that the world has changed and Canon does not exactly have decent performance with its first attempt at sensor based focusing. May be too many Sony patents or just lack of expertise when suddenly going in another direction. After all Sony seem to have shocked themselves with the take up of the Nex.

The mirrorless market is a whole different ballgame - for good technical reasons it is almost impossible to offer an OVF that will work with a wide variety of focal lengths including zoom lenses. So there the EVF is pretty much a necessity - not a choice.

The "DSLR type" camera market is quite different (and this type of camera body is still much better than mirrorless for some types of photography). EVF is not a necessity. Better to let customers have a choice.

On sensor PDAF will also soon make the use of SLT tech for focusing redundant.
Where does that leave the A-mount?

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