Is Samsung leaving mirrorless market?

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Re: In a vacuum, sure.

zkz5 wrote:

How do you know? Did someone review it already? Honest question.

Someone in the process of testing one posted about being surprised at the level of distortion at the wide end, which if I remember right was around 3.7%. I haven't seen a full review anywhere, but seeing that reminded me how much Sony counts on in-camera distortion correction to compensate for poor optics in their compact lenses. So yes, I may be jumping the gun on that lens, but I doubt it.

The tough part is making a compact lens that performs without in-camera processing taking care of distortion and fringing. Even Samsung isn't immune. Of the pancakes we have the 30mm is by far the best with the others bringing a mixed bag of issues to the table. I have high hopes for the 55mm f/1.8 (or whatever it may have evolved into) because it isn't trying to overcome the wide angle obstacles, but so far the 30mm is the high water mark for mirrorless pancakes, AFAIK.

Small size is everything in this segment. If I don't care about portability I'll take my DSLR and a bag of lenses with me. The only reason I'll deal with the AF limitations of a compact camera is because it's compact.

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