Rolleiflex 3.5F with a ton of accessories

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Rolleiflex 3.5F with a ton of accessories

Looking to sell a full Rollei set-up. I purchased it recently with a lot of other stuff. I'm not sure on the exact value so I'm open to reasonable offers. However, because a price is needed I will ask $1650 based on what I can gather from ebay. However, like I said I'm open to offers.

I have positive feedback on Fourthirdsphoto, FredMiranda and GetDPI as Albino_BlacMan and on ebay as ctp046.

Rollei 3.5F Planar – I believe it is a model 3. Serial number is 2 295 xxx. Overall this a very nice example of this camera, although it does signs of use. The focus screen is clean and clear. The shutter speeds appear correct, but I have no way to test definitively. The meter agrees with my Olympus E-3 (which I think is pretty amazing for a camera pushing 50 years of existence). Everything moves smoothly and the camera appears to be in good working condition, although I haven’t ran a roll through it (I would but I’m scared I won’t be able to sell it after looking at the negs).

The exterior is in good condition. There are a few small scratches on the paint but nothing big (what I would consider normal and definitely not excessive wear. This camera has obviously spent most of its life in the everready or hard cases described below). There is one bump/bubble under the leatherette on the right hand side. It’s quite small and hard to photograph but if you look hard you can see it under the top film holder knob in the photo showing the back of the camera. It probably only comes up about 1 or 2mm. You can only really see it when you're looking for it or when you run your finger over the leathette.

The glass is clean and clear for both the taking and viewing lenses. I cannot see any signs of fungus or haze when looking in with a flashlight. The leatherette shows some light wear on the rear of the camera above the exposure value chart and on the bottom of the camera. The only other place that shows marks is the focus scale. The distance numbers in meters (white) are either faded or dirty, more likely dirty but I didn’t want to scrub them too hard. I missed cleaning some dust on the top right hand corner before I took pictures so I apologize for that.

Rollei Everready Case – This a fair amount of wear as seen in pictures but it’s probably 50 years old. It seems to have a good job protecting the camera over the years.

Rollei Pistol Grip – Good condition. The grip shows a few marks and light scratches. It looks like it has been used but not abused. It is in fully functional condition. Comes with a the necessary cable release.

Rollei Tropical Case (Hardcase) – Good condition. The case shows minor paint loss where it opens and closes. Nothing I would consider serious. You can get a sense of it from the pictures. The inside is clean but there is one spot on the back of the Rollei logo that looks as though it a sticker or something was removed. Also comes with desiccant cartridge which is pretty neat. It consists of a glass tube full of purple crystals which I assume were the original silica gel.

Rollei Prism finder – Optics are clean and clear. It looks nice everywhere except there is a mark on top as seen in the picture. Comes with leather case in good condition.

Rolleiflash – Rolleiflash without bulb. Haven't tested this. The flash is in good condition with small areas of minor paint loss. The leather case has a small rip near the end of the zipper.

Bay II Rolleinar 1 – Optics look good. Comes with leather case.

Bay II Rollei UV filter – Optics look good. Comes with leather case.

Bay II Rollei Yellow Filter – Optics look good. Comes with leather case.

Rolleifix quick release tripod plate – good condition, minor paint loss as seen in the pictures.

Bay II Rollei Lens Hood – Shows some paint loss, comes with leather case and box.

Rollei Manuals – 2x Practical Accessories guide, 1x Rollei Flash manual, 1x larger version of the Practical Accessories guide, 1x Rolleiflex 2.8/3.5 Practical Use guide, 1x Rolleiflex 3.5 Practical Use guide with pencil drawings on the front cover.

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