Nikon D600 pointless in the UK

Started Sep 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
FuzzTheKingOfTrees Contributing Member • Posts: 733
Re: Nikon D600 pointless in the UK

Nikon's real problem here is not just the D800 only being a bit more expensive. The D600 is aimed at DX upgraders. If you're upgrading from DX chances are you're going to have to buy some new lenses. If you're buying new lenses you might as well check out what you can get over in Canon land, turns out you can buy a 5DII for £1500.

The price will fall very quickly though, at the current price the D600 is just going to sit on shelves gathering dust.

Of course, if you want a D600 now, just get one imported from the US, even after delivery and tax it's still going to be stacks cheaper than over here.

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