D600 rubbished before anyone actually used one?!

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Re: D600 rubbished before anyone actually used one?!

Josh152 wrote:

You are simply giving to much weight to the senor when comparing the cameras and are forgetting the D700 and what it was selling for before the D800 was announced.

First, an apology. I misread your initial reply; I thought you were comparing it with the D7000. Sorry.

Second, at list price, I'll have to give you a nod that the D600 isn't what I'd call a bargain.

Third, I've owned 3 DSLRs. In every case, the MAJOR thing "I" was paying for was the image quality I could extract from the camera and, in each case, the major contributor was the sensor (& support electronics). Neither of my two upgrades brought me much in the way of funtionality or ruggedness. They brought me more resolution and better ISO performance. Both were wanted and appreciated. You don't consider the sensor to be a big factor in DSLR selection; let's agree to disagree.

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