A little NEX morality play...

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ericdfw Forum Member • Posts: 60
A little NEX morality play...

ericdfw1 wrote:

I am a Canon EOS Digital Rebel user, sitting on the fence for the last 3 years waiting for the perfect mirrorless camera (as a backup only). I don’t see exactly what I’m looking for in any of the past, current, or possible future NEX bodies. For me to jump in, an NEX absolutely would have to have:

  • Full Frame 36MP sensor

  • Built-in, but tiltable EVF

  • Touch-screen, fully articulated LCD

  • Both pop-up flash and universal hot-shoe that accepts any flash ever made by anybody

  • PDAF and CDAF that knows which is best for any photo situation (just a simple tweak to sensor)

  • Slightly bigger body, more like the ergonomics of my current DSLR

  • And no more than $700 for body only – don’t get me started on the terrible e-mount lenses, which I'd refuse to consider anyway

ericdfw2 wrote:

++1. I have a large collection of legacy glass (Minolta Vectis), so lack of IBIS is a deal-breaker for me. Why can’t those idiots at Sony give me an affordable pancake 18-300mm constant f2 lens – it’s just physics really!

ericdfw3 wrote:

ericdfw1, you are a big poopy-head. The next NEX should have small bodys like my C3. I am only 9 years old, and have very tiny hands. My Daddy will buy me new camera’s every few years, so each new NEX should be a little bigger than the last one.

ericfdw4 wrote:

ericdfw1, you are obviously a troll because you don’t agree with me. And I don’t mean a Canon troll, I mean an actual troll that lives under a bridge and occasionally appears in fantasy novels. Touchscreen is absolutely useless for me. It is very cold where I live and I only shoot while wearing mittens, so I can’t even turn it off.

ericdfw5 wrote:

ericdfw1, too bad you are too poor to keep up. I’ve already ordered an RX1 to have it converted to an IR camera for fun.

ericdfw6 wrote:

+1 on ½ of ericdfw4 comments. -5.24 on ericdfw3 comments. NEX must have a built-in viewfinder – I’d have preferred OVF, however. Unlike some people, I’m loving the NEX-6, which will be a near-perfect camera for me. However, I am left-handed and left eyed. If Sony will just simply move the viewfinder (optical, LOL) to the right side of the camera, and mirror all the buttons to the other side, then this “NEX-6L “will be the one camera that I keep forever and ever.

You are all on my ignore list. I’m selling all my NEX gear and buying the new auto110 film version of the Lytro camera. What a great time to be an enthusiast photographer, WHERE WE HAVE SO MANY CHOICES!

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