RX100 has cured my GAS for the first time ever

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Re: Agree!

radissimo wrote:

RX100 is so good that I'm almost SAD that I have no more cravings to buy more expensive stuff. It is a sad feeling, but revelation and freedom at the same time.

As you would win the race- you are happy, but there is no more room for improvement.

Think I will keep my e-m5 and pany 12-35mm I am very happy with, but I see it using it only 20% of time for special occasions...

BTW: I am eagerly waiting what rx200 brings.. ;D

I hope you're right. I hope they stick with it, though I probably don't wish for what you want in an RX200.

I want a reduced focal range with even better/faster glass that still collapses into camera. Effective 28-60mm f/1.5 - 3.0.

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