I can't lie. I'm VERY dissapopinted at Nex6 and NO touch screen.

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Re: I can't lie. I'm VERY dissapopinted at Nex6 and NO touch screen.

I have no touchscreen on the NEX 7 and am just as fast if not faster: aim center focusing point at spot you want in focus, half press., recompose and adjust focus via DMF manually to have peaking agree with you. Expose; Done .

That procedure doesn't work when using manual lenses.

Either you don't bother about pinpoint the focus when using manual lenses or you manually klick on a button to magnify the picture and then use the navigation keys on the Nex7's back to move around to the part you want to focus on and then, after adjusting focus, you can take the shoot.

With touchscreen, you simply touch the part you want to focus on, the picture will magnify that part automaticly, then you adjust the focus and take the shoot.

That's 2 klicks (on on the screen and one on the shutterrelease) before the picture is done.

Do you think you're faster when using manual lenses than a person that has a touchscreen on his camera?
I don't think so...

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