software correction, we all do it why shouldn't lens designers?

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Re: Olympus lens is 3x heavier, twice the price

Andy Crowe wrote:

I think it would be still the same class if there is no other class above it.

Top class (SHG) of 4/3 is 14-35.

If the Panasonic 12-35 is not top class of the m43, then what is?

Um, no, just because there is no m4/3 lens in that class doesn't mean you can fill that class with lower class lenses. If that were the case a few years ago you could have said "well we should compare the 4/3rds 14-35 to the Panasonic 14-45 because that's the highest class zoom currently available for m4/3".

A better comparison would be with other systems' lenses of the same class, such as say the Canon 24-70mm on full frame, which seem to perform similarly looking at photozone.

How about $800 12-60 at 4.0 vs 12-35 at 4.0 then?

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