Is mirrorless more prone to 'grass is greener' syndrome?

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Re: Is mirrorless more prone to 'grass is greener' syndrome?

Oh I forgot. Trolls.

Gavin Stapleton wrote:

I had a look at the NEX forum, and I noticed they don't sh!t where they eat, so they come here to do it. If this offends you - YOU ARE GUILTY OF IT!

Look, it's great that they love their equipment, but I despise that they have to try and tarnish the passion we have for our m4/3 gear in the process.

I don't need to go into other forums to defend my purchase to make myself feel good about it [as they are doing], but I certainly don't need to read this recent carry-on, either...

If I need more sophisticated gear, I will research it in the appropriate forums, and ask my questions there without polluting this once once merry forum.

Come on guys, give it a rest...

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