Underwater housing for RX100

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Re: Underwater housing for RX100

Hi SP! (will email ya right after this post :D)

My apologies - work is keeping me tied down these few weeks and haven't had the time to put up more findings, but I 'll share a little more in this short-ish post.

First of all, WOW... thanks SP for that comprehensive study of the housings. Yes, my Recsea RX100 housing does have the actuation assembly as shown in your pics/links. I also agree that the Nauticam approach would probably be better than Recsea's faithful reproduction of the RX100's combined rotating dial+NSWE buttons.

I'm also of the opinion, however, that your mileage will vary. Underwater, as you know, I wear two hats - photographer and videographer. My last dive, I spend more time on video. On top of that, with the camera also being so new to me, I was fudging around with it more than actually taking pictures/video. Lets not forget my GoPro that was riding shotgun. It didnt help either that once back on the liveaboard, I was shooting with my 5N. Guess I bit off more than I can chew, wrestling 3 cameras on a weekend trip! Hahaha

Back to the YMMV part... well, I found that when shooting video, and when the camera was set up using the RX100's user memory facility, I was actually very happy. That rear dial stopped being a distraction altogether, mainly because I found I practically didnt use it. There's still the slightly slippy top dial, but my dives were very relaxed and didn't force me into having to make quick settings changes.

If I were wearing thick gloves and shoved into a baitball during the Sardine Run, I'd probably best be served switching to a housing with more accurate and responsive controls Maybe I'm not picky enough, but I can say with all truthfulness, the Recsea works for me. Of course, my criteria is probably lots different from other folks. For example, its perfect boxy shape lets me mount my GoPro using the slide-in shoe (I've abandoned using the hotshoe mount method). Even the lack of a leak alarm doesnt' really faze me because I've taken to slipping a slim sanitary napkin (yes, that always gets funny looks) under my RX100 when its in the housing to mitigate any leaks.

That said, its best for any diver planning on taking the RX100 down to try out both housings (or perhaps a third/fourth one, if maybe Patima or Ikelite step into the fray) and get what works best for him/her. In the last couple of weeks or so, I've grown more comfy with the camera and housing (on land, at least, anyway) and fnd that once I've set up the RX100 the way I wanted, the housing doesnt' really "get in my way" anymore, and I've adapted to the combo. I'm planning another test dive in October and see if that comfort extends beneath the waves.

I'll also try and get better representative pictures to post here. My last round was an ad hoc utter mess... mindless test shots, no macro examples... simply nothing useful that I could share here. The video that I did shoot, was mistakenly taken at the 17M bitrate. Yes, sounds like a lot of excuses... but technically, my trip was a mess.. haha.. sorry. I intend to have a more objective planned approach in October

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