Come on Nikon - give us a true D700 replacement

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Re: Come on Nikon - give us a true D700 replacement

Gomoku: "D800 does everything better than the D700 (except 8fps with a grip and 5fps only in 1.2x crop mode). If the D800 is too much for you then stay with the D700. You all love it so much - why change?"

I agree but I'd add, "If the D600 isn't enough for the rest of you, why change?"

Nikon tries to build a range of cameras that will satisfy enough people to turn a reasonable profit on each. What do they get? A bunch of people who've never designed or marketed a thing in their lives complaining and second guessing Nikon's decisions. Folks, take the awsome cameras you already own out, take some awsome pictures ... and stop whining.

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