D7000 for $1000+ less... Cannot justify the D600

Started Sep 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
Reilly Diefenbach
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Re: D7000 for $1000+ less... Cannot justify the D600

D700 Size is an issue. The 5D2 was already a little unweildy for me to begin with and when I pick up my friend's D700... whoa.... tough to be 'in the background' getting candids with either large body. The D7000 is a bit more 'reasonable' in size.

It also has a really nice quiet shutter mode like the Canons. Why anyone would use a full frame Nikon with it's great big clack of a shutter at a wedding is a mystery to me.

Also, I think the D7000 has better pure IQ for large prints (at low ISO)??


For me, it's just a matter if I can 'tolerate' the DOF control I currently enjoy with Full Frame.... I certainliy would have to have a f/2.8 zoom to counteract it a bit...

Some good options available not too spendy.

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