Underwater housing for RX100

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Re: Underwater housing for RX100

ktwse wrote:

Thanks for the excellent report, Surya.

I'm more and more leaning towards the RX-100 for my next underwater rig. Just sold of my E-PL2 and was looking at the OM-D but the RX-100 with the Nauticam housing and a couple of wet lenses seems capable of the same IQ in a much smaller and much cheaper package.

Do provide a report once you've received your housing and used it a bit!


My hope is the same as yours. 1 camera body, no need to take out the camera in a crowded boat, while boat is rocking, with wet hands and all the negativity of opening a camera housing in less that perfect environment.

Nauticam RX100 with those two lens I showed you can be a chameleon.

I like RX100 for its small size and great video, that is the main attraction and the great photo IQ is a bonus. With special mounting kit 67mm thread on float arm or a big BCD pocket and some sort of cloth bag, we can hide the Inon wide angle lens adapter on us, since that bloody Inon weights 577 grams , we can use it as BCD's most expensive intergrated weight belt ever ha ha ha.

You can even add a dome port on top of the Inon wide angle lens and it becomes fish eye but me dont want such big foot print underwater.

In theory, with RX100 and those two lens, 1 dive can give you macro and wide angle without needing to surface and switch gear. Sounds like a dream yes ??

Wide angle port is expensive too for any cameras and so is macro port. So those two lens cost even though not cheap, can be justified.

I just hate swapping ports or camera's lens.......I hate it so much.


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