The 'bodsor-concept'

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Re: The 'bodsor-concept'

I don't actually care about how much you spent, if you made a profit or not, if you brag about being so smart or lucky. Nobody else does either. You clearly don't have a life and think this is your personal playground and use it as such.

Midwest wrote:

spacelounge wrote:

no, you spent money. you didnt make a profit in any sense of the word.

I already explained how I spend $999, get $999 or a few dollars more back and still have the new camera body in place of my old one. If you can't understand that, there's not much else I can do to explain it.

this is why you're such a loser. you buy things and then go on the internet to brag about it instead of creating anything of your own.

A loser goes out on the Internet and is deliberately nasty to people without a good reason. I've had many a give-and-take with people on this forum but prior to your arrival, everyone acted like adults.

have you ever taken a decent photo?

If your gallery is filled with 'decent' photos, then I guess not.

Midwest wrote:

spacelounge wrote:

so you spent a grand on stuff you dont need. good on you.

No, I effectively upgrade my camera three models and three years virtually free if not for a small profit. Yes, good on me.

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