RX100 has cured my GAS for the first time ever

Started Sep 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
pricklypear Regular Member • Posts: 113
Too bad about #9

beespeckled wrote:

9) I wouldn't be able to let any family or friends see me use the RX1, I would have to furtively use it, since I promised that I would not purchase any more cameras until my a33 no longer worked. It might be hard to convince said family members, that the RX1 is actually my Fuji X10.mmmm I could add a zero on the other side of the 1 to make it say 10??? gotta think on this.. lol

I could use a Rollei TLR one day, a D800 the next, a Hello Kitty camera the next, an RX100 the next and an RX1 tomorrow, and my wife wouldn't wouldn't notice a thing.

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