RX1 The Death Knell of the DSLR

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Re: RX1 The Death Knell of the DSLR

I doubt your prediction very much. Lately I have been going about our city on a photo shoot with two cameras over my shoulder. My Sony NEX-7 and my old film camera the Leica R 6.2 SLR. which is all manual. Even with the EVE finder on the NEX-7, I could not see the images and compose as clearly as I could with the viewfinder on the Leica SLR.

The Leica seemed like a dream to work with next to my NEX-7. Sorry, and the RX1 doesn't even have a viewfinder!!!!

I may be an old dinasour but my old Leica R. 6.2 will probably go to the grave with me while the NEX-7 will probably be traded off with 'new' digitals before I die.

However, I still appreciate the fact that I can use my Leica R lenses on my NEX-7 which can not be done on the RX1.

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