One shot: 55-250 at 250 or 70-200 at 200 crop?

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Re: One shot: 55-250 at 250 or 70-200 at 200 crop?

The_cheshirecat wrote:

If your primary subject is stationary, that changes my earlier recommendation. I recommend the using the 55-250 lens for this situation. The moving train is secondary and its motion blur would be a function of the selected SS, regardless of the lens used.

IMHO the 55-250 lens should provide you with results better suited for your situation purpose and expectations. This lens is often under rated because it is not L quality and is so inexpensive (by comparison), but it is capable of producing some fine results.

FWIW, using an f-stop about f:8 is typically the sweet spot for sharpness on his lens. You may want to use a smaller aperture (higher f-number) to increase your depth of field, but balance this carefully with your SS to get the blurring (or lack of blurring) you want from your moving train.

Thanks for the additional comments. I have gotten good results from my 55-250, and I enjoy having it ready in my pocket when I am doing a walk-about. I do find, however, that at 200 the 70-200 is super sharp, really pleasing.

I wish the newer 70-200 f/4 IS were remotely affordable. $1200, just too much for my level of interest/desire, even after selling the non-IS.

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