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Fredy Ross wrote:

That is what I don't have a mobile plan as I live in the centre of a city with wifi almost everywhere so only pay for my phone calls. Only in the centre of a park opposite me I can't get wifi and by next year everywhere will be wifi. Of course if I stand next to someone with wifi turned on I can get wifi from their phone to mine. It wouldn't stop me from getting the camera but I am curious.

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Until the specifics are released, I can't promise anything, but I would be very confident that the camera won't need an internet connection to use a phone as a shutter... just a wifi connection to a phone.

In the video showcasing the "apps", they're in a restaurant or something. Now, I know that companies often lie in videos (Apple and Nokia most famously & recently), but I don't want to have to be putting in 6-24 character wireless network passwords using a jogwheel just to use a remote shutter!

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