650D/T4i night shots: orange cast

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Re: 650D/T4i night shots: orange cast

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I got a brand new 650D Canon with the 18-135mm STM kit but quickly noticed a problem that I had found on a friend's 400D: city night shots get a horrible orange colour cast. My older Canon A720 takes much better photos (colour wise) in comparison.

I have uploaded to my gallery 2 photos form each camera. The ones from the A720 are much more like what my eyes see.

The ones from the 650D have been underexposed by 3EV which I found improves colours a bit. I have to try -2EV as I think it's a bit too dark.

Both were taken in ISO200 as that was what ISO Auto chose on the A720. Auto on the 650D would use a higher ISO. In any case, the idea was simply to point and shoot. I've read a bit and it seems to be a known Canon problem with white balance. But what bothers me is that my 4+ year old Canon has the problem "fixed". Besides, it doesn't overexpose in the same situation the 650D does...

Well, what the accurate white balance is in such a case is, is perhaps rather a matter of taste. Do you want the white to actually come out white like in day-time? Most of the incandescent lights are very warm, hence the yellow. Then you have various mercury lights, and fluorescent lights, all with different emission spectra. Overall, night scenes tend to be very yellow or reddish, that's normal. It's not an easy light mixture to get right by a camera. And our eyes adjust to the situation, unlike a camera.

As to the exposure, the last one actually not bad, because the buildings show up. On the other hand, perhaps you prefer the dark version, where you just see the light bulbs.

In any case, that's the whole point of a dSLR so that you can adjust exposure and white balance exactly like you want. Best shoot RAW for such situations, and then process the image to get the desired look.

Here's the "normal" shot on the 650D...


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