RX1 $3,000.00!! Wake Up Sony!

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Re: great point caterpillar. Fixed lens=no lens commitment

I agree that the RX-1 is a "proof of concept" design. It's now looking as if the first generation of NEXs were the same. Sony was unwilling to treat mirrorless as their complete future, so they put out somewhat toylike cameras aimed at P&S users, and backed them up with a limited range of mostly mediocre consumer lenses. Sales were good, and soon it became evident that people wanted more serious features, including viewfinders, standard accessory shoes, more camera-like controls, and better lenses. Wonder of wonders for such a large company, but Sony actually listened; the latest NEXs include mode dials and the other things we demanded, while lenses are improving in selection and quality and even have the black finish preferred by most serious users.

I predict that the RX-1 is going to get rave reviews for IQ, and be a success in the market. Not the mass market but the upscale market. That will encourage Sony to put out other mirrorless FF cameras with interchangeable lenses.

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