D700 "budget" lenses for landscape

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D700 "budget" lenses for landscape

Dear all,

I have been a Pentak K20D user for some years and I have been considering to buy a K-5. But lately I have been able to sell more or less all of my M42 manual focus lenses and K-mount AF lenses. I still have some of the M42 and K-mount manual focus lenses and K-mount Sigma AF lenses, but more or less the good ones that I will be able to sell. Since I can sell Pentax stuff I have been deliberating for some time whether I should switch to Nikon. My intention is to buy an used D7000 and to slowly start to buy the FF lenses to ease my migration to FF camera in the future. I have been using slr cameras from the film days and I am very confident in what exactly I need. Mostly I do landscape and some portraiture. In recent years I mostly used lenses with focal lengths (on APS-C) from 12-70 mm and focal lengths of around 100 mm. I did own couple of longer telephoto lenses but I quickly sold them because of the low IQ and the fact that I do not really use them. I had a manual focus prime of 200mm focal length which had a very good IQ, but again I did not use it. I have never spent too much time thinking of FF, mostly because I was aware that lenses for FF are above my budget. I could buy the body, but I wouldn’t be left with enough to buy the lenses. During the past years Sigma and Tamron started to produce some FF lenses which are mechanically pretty good and prices of used ones are not so higher than of crop lenses.

A few days ago I got a call from my friend which offered me a D700 for 300€ less than anything else I can find on the market with the same shutter count. He thinks (I do agree with him) that since I do not need fast lenses and fast AF that I could find out some good and less expensive FF lenses that I could use and still get through with a little lower budget.

So, now I am doing a little research. I am leaning toward Sigma and Tamron FF lenses and older Nikon film lenses.

What I would need for a start are lenses of focal lengths that would cover (approximately)
- 16-24mm, sharp at f8, no need for AF

- 35 mm at least f2.8. This should be very sharp at f8, with very low distortion, AF would be good but not really something I would need at this focal length for a start
- 50 mm at least f1.8, with AF

- Decent 28-1xx AF zoom for more or less snapshots. If it is slow, I would like to have one with VC, but if it fast I can live without VC

- 150 mm for landscape on tripod. Again, this should be very sharp at f4-5 to f8, with low distortion, AF would be good, but not really something I would need at this focal length

My budget is 1500€ for lenses. So could I start with the FF system or I should start with D7000 and slowly build up the system.

Nikon D700 Nikon D7000 Pentax K20D Pentax K-5 Pentax K-m (K2000)
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