RX100 has cured my GAS for the first time ever

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Re: RX100 has cured my GAS for the first time ever

theranman wrote:

Since I never buy the first iteration of a new technology camera, it's gonna be PAINFUL waiting for the successor to this fine camera.

LOL, I totally understand. My dilemma as well, though I doubt I will be able to wait until 2nd gen. May wait for xmas sales, but if demand is still high then price may not come down so I'll probably end up buying sooner. Also, since I only have current P&S I will definitely be missing photos by holding out. Also, if 2nd gen comes and there are negligible improvements, then I'll be kicking myself. I waited for 2nd gen Nikon 1 series and have not seen anything announced yet that was worth the wait, but am now glad I did wait because of the RX100.

I bought S90 because of the rave reviews and am still using it today. When S95 came out it fixed many minor issues and I wish I had one but could not justify the expense of upgrading. However, for myself i got so many photos from S90 I would have missed with my other cheaper P&S it justified the early adopter penalty. Subsequently, i missed a number of key shots that I would not have missed on S95 due to interface issues that had been corrected.

This buy/wait game (in my case due to budgetary reasons) is just maddening.

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