No Sony SLRs any more, ever.

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Re: No Sony SLRs any more, ever.

I was a long time OVF user. Now I have the A77 for almost a year. I can only say it is hard to grab my A580 or my A700 since. I will never buy a SLR anymore with an OVF.

It is not perfect yet, but the advantages outplays the disadvantages by a big margin.

I think most of the EVF whiners here never used it for a longer period. Maybe they tried it in store only. I certainly don't understand the fuss about the EVF darkness in dark situations. The EVF is on the contrary much more useful in dark light. I can still see all I need in situations where the OVF of my A700 shows my nothing at all but full darkness.

A friend of mine has a D7000. After feeling the ergonomics of the A77 and viewing through the EVF of the A77 during an afternoon, he sold his D7000 immediately and now has a A77 in order. And I used his D7000. It is for sure that the A77 has far better ergonomics and has a better grip when holding during a longer time.

I have to accept a little more noise compared to my A580 but the A77 is such a nice camera to use (the ergonomics, the EVF, even the sound, yes the sound ;-)) that I grab it every time. I have to force myself to use my A580. A camera is more then noise at pixel level. With an EVF camera you have the perfect shot in one attempt against maybe three or more with an OVF camera.


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