Ned Bunnell fired

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What I love about Ned

At the risk of upending a doom and gloom pity-party, I'd like to focus on what I like best about Ned and ruminate on how this may be good for everyone.

Ned is first and foremost a photographer. He is "one of us." You might think that is typical of all camera companies, but I don't believe it is. You could see the joy in Ned's blog over a new lens or a great shot he managed to get. His enthusiasm is contagious, and we all caught it in one way or another.

I hope the terms of his retirement are generous and that he'll keep blogging about what he loves best -- photography.

In the meantime, call me an optimist but I have high hopes for the new guy. May he fill Ned's extra-large shoes and do as capable a job. May he strengthen Pentax/Ricoh (yes, I still think of them in that order) and make our chosen brand more successful in the U.S.

Ultimately we are all best served by Ricoh making the Pextax brand as successful as possible. It will bring down costs through larger volumes, add more product variety due to larger development budgets and finally give us "street cred" so we don't have to cover up logos with tape when shooting in public! (Just kidding about that last one.)

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