Canon 5Diii whingers!

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Re: Canon 5Diii whingers!

thelensmeister wrote:

Seems to me all these whingers about Canon DR and old sensor technology are just bitter about the price.

There's no doubt the Nikon sensor is better than the Canon, so yes I am bitter about the price as Canon is overcharging their loyal customer.

If I haven't invested so heavily on Canon lenses, I would have jumped ship long long time ago....I mean who doesn't like best bang for buck?

Has the Nikon got MA for its AF? Will the 6D have MA? Well guess what, if you want to shoot very fast glass accurately you may need to pay for that upper range body and not just a smaller, plasticky body with FF sensor.

DDP got it wrong apperantly. D600 does come with MFA. Smaller body? Add a grip, problem solved.

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