D600 and ZF lenses

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Re: D600 and ZF lenses

Thanks. I actually have a 50mm f/1.4 ZF.2 lens, but the lens fell into sea water and so its electronics stopped working and it is has effectively become a ZF lens. I asked coz I don't plan on buying a replacement and 50mm works just fine for me.


slimandy wrote:

This is the situation we already have with the D700, D800, D300 etc.. The D3xxx and D5xxx are entry level cameras with no built-in focussing motor. You can mount pre-AI lens without damaging them.

Zeiss lenses will work fine. You should get ZF.2 lenses ideally. If you have the older ZF lenses the camera won't recognise which is which so you'll have to select it yourself in the menu (if you only use one Zeiss lens it won't matter because it will default to the last AI lens you used). You will also only have 1/2 stop increments instead of 1/3rd stops, you'll need to use the aperture ring rather than the control wheel, and the lens won't be recognised in Lightroom either. ZF.2 will be recognised in-camera and solve these issues. IQ will be the same.
As I said, this is not new to the D600, it's what we have already.

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