Could it be fluorite?

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Re: Could it be fluorite?

photonius wrote:

Gearóid Ó Laoi, Garry Lee wrote:

Dunno about fluorite, but it APPEARS that some lenses give different colouring to others. In some modern lenses there is a sharpness and a harshness that doesn't suit some photographs. In some older lenses there is a smoothness and a subtlety of colour that suits some kinds of photos.

That sounds simply like the old lenses are not as well corrected for optical aberrations, so they are softer, that's all.

Indeed that is so. However that is not all bad and some makers deliberately produced such aberrations in order to make attractive portraits. The softfocus Mamiya (I have one) was an extreme example of that!

this is a shot with it. It used rings which caused soft focus at certain apertures but when you stopped it down it was as sharp as a tack.

Here it is with soft focus..

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