NEX-6 LCD (no touchscreen)

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Re: Apple would do it better

Mark_McD wrote:

wll wrote:

McD wrote:

As far as I'm personally concerned, touchscreens as a whole are a gimmick.

ya, right until you use it. It is a great feature, and is a real time saver for may things.

If you don't want it turn it off.


If I used autofocus, I may consider using touch-focus. In all my years of photography, I've only changed my camera to AF when handing it off to someone else. I'm not sure how or why either of these two are important to you anyway.

In my opinion I value the touchscreen the most when manually focusing, because it saves very valuable seconds when used together with focuspeaking. The possibility to just touch the area where you want to focus to get that area magnified, makes it possible to pinpoint the focus in seconds instead of using the buttons to do the same.

If it takes a longer time to pinpoint the focus you usually find yourself fiddling with controls as the Kodac-moment passes by and you miss your shot.

That's what I like the most with touchcontrol, but there's a lot of different reasons for touchscreen as well.

This means that the NEX6 won't be in my shopping basket. I'd get a lot more value for my money to buy a used NEX7 instead of buying a NEX6. It's Sonys loss, to bad that they didn't realize that before marketing the NEX6...

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