WHY would you purchase a FULL FRAME Pentax? (In point format)

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Re: WHY would you purchase a FULL FRAME Pentax? (In point format)

The full frame craze is here. Nothing wrong with FF, it has it's advantages and disadvantages like everything.

For me, I think, one should consider the use one will give the camera. But this won't happen, everybody wants a FF, so in the end, once they can afford it they will get one.

Many will find out their APS-C no longer takes good photos and they will daydream the wonderful photos they will be able to shoot with their brand new FF camera. Some will demand a FF compact with a 30x zoom that fits in their jeans' back-pocket. A few will scream that sensor sizes are getting crazy. And after a couple of years many of these cameras will be idle and despised because their owners will spend most of their time on forums waiting for the newer better cheapish Medium Format cameras.

Those of us who can't afford a new FF will take the fox' attitude and claim the grapes are green.

Now a bit more seriously, No I won't be buying a Pentax FF, if they make one, in the near future. I will be a year in November I got my K5, and I'm still perfectly happy with it. I'll see what cameras are around when the time comes, but this, hopefully, won't happen in the next few years.

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