Come on Nikon - give us a true D700 replacement

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Re: Come on Nikon - give us a true D700 replacement

In what ways is the D700 dated for weddings?

The only thing it lacks is video, but that's another topic.

In many ways the D700 will CONTINUE to remain as THE camera of choice for many pros just because of its reasonable pixel count and abundance of exterenal controls.

More pixles are always welcome, but not at the cost of reducing external controls or other backward steps.

But like everyone is saying, the D600 has far too much shortcomings to be the D700 replacement.

SubPrime wrote:

The D600 is nice and all but is not a legitimate companiion to the D800 or D4.

Please give us either the D600 or D4 sensor in a D800 body with the pro AF, 1/250 sync and a burst rate of 5fps or more.

I love my D800 to bits, but I want a more respnsive camera for weddings and events. The D700 was brilliant for that, but is now dated and needs a replacement.

You've admitted that the D800 is not a D700 replacement, and you know the D700 market segment is a real one, so when do we get it?

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