RX100 has cured my GAS for the first time ever

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LOL pricklypear

getting back to the OP, I know what you mean. I have a dslr that I enjoy, but couldn't resist the siren song of a good, have with me anywhere compact (after the price went down anyway on a "like new" condition X10) If I didn't already have my X10 the RX100 would be at the top of my list.

Night sky shots, wildlife & macro I use my a33, but for just knocking around, going to the city or for travel I'm finding the x10 my go to!

At this point, I think I have the lens ranges covered for my a33. Maybe upgrade a lens at some point since most of my lenses are budget ones. I'm quite content with my photo gear with a few minor exceptions.

Everyone has different styles and wants in their photography, it is nice to have options that is for sure..

RE: the RX1. I'm glad I have a credit card limit that prevents me from being able to buy it on impulse. I'm making a list of the negatives (for me) as to why I should not buy an RX1

1) add on expensive viewfinder (I have to have a viewfinder)
2) purchase price, period.
3) what would I use a FF camera for? I'm not making a living in photography.

4) I take mostly boring photos as it is, so I would be taking more expensive mostly boring photos

5) I need a front deck, a new back porch, and to landscape walkways not another camera!

6) I really need to organize my craft/photography hobby area, invest in cabinets/storage so everything has its place (a friend mentioned to me today that fellow sewists will plunk down $7000 for a top of the line whizbang computerized embroidery sewing machine. This analogy doesn't help my resolution, $2800 sounds reasonable to me for a hobby in this context unfortunately. PLUS the RX1 would get me out of the house, into fresh air etc ; ) )
7)I need to take a vacation and use the cameras I have on said vacation
8) the RX1 would have huge files that would rapidly fill up my hard drive

9) I wouldn't be able to let any family or friends see me use the RX1, I would have to furtively use it, since I promised that I would not purchase any more cameras until my a33 no longer worked. It might be hard to convince said family members, that the RX1 is actually my Fuji X10.mmmm I could add a zero on the other side of the 1 to make it say 10??? gotta think on this.. lol

All jesting aside, I am looking forward to the photos created and shown once the RX1 gets into the hands of some photographers and we can see the real life examples

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