RX100 has cured my GAS for the first time ever

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Re: RX100 has cured my GAS for the first time ever

Good post. I think Sony has finally listened to Steve Jobs of Heaven and focused on usability creating this gem. RX100 is a pure joy and fun to use. It's VERY easy to use for total noobs yet has tons of features for very advanced users. We can talk all day long about some features missing, etc. The bottomline, me and you probably wouldn't buy this camera if it wouldn't fit in our pocket regardless of features (I wouldn't). The IQ (DR, Noise, colors, etc.) is not only equal, it is BETTER than many much larger cameras with actual usable resolution even exceeding many current DSLRs (unless coupled with very expensive lenses).

Just try RX100 long exposure, the result is MUCH better than what I was getting with T2i especially in Raw. AF during video is faster than any DSLR I’ve seen by a mile. The current price is perharps not for budget concious but it’s definitely fair. I paid $350 for Canon S100 and felt totally ripped off (poor, grainy IQ especially in low light, choppy, unusable video, very slow, hit & miss AF, terrible flash, etc. would never recommend it to anyone even though I liked S90 very much but those were different times). Now paid $650 for RX100 and feel like it’s actually a good deal. Everything like it should: great colors, nice AWB, very sharp, detailed pictures scross almost entire frame, insanely good video at 60p, HDR feature is super useful, MFNR is a real breakthrough, 6400 from a pocket cam is now fully usable. 10fps bust mode, tiltable flash – simple but huge improvement in photography right there. Tracking focus is actually more clever than touch to focus cause you only need to select your object once and then you can recompose as you wish and your subject can move. I’d still keep your DSLR or mirrorless body with that portrait lens for shallow DoF and that’s all you need (except I’m keeping a telephoto also). I just don't want folks buying RX100 for shallow DoF, it's not what it's for:)

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