D600 vs D700

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Re: D600 vs D700

D700 has that magical image quality attributes that simply cannot be replicated easily with modern sensors unless you post process heavily.

Natural looking skin colors is one of them.

It's kinda like the old D2X sensor. The images just look natural with accurate color reproduction.

Moder sensors may have better dynamic range and better high ISO and other advanced technical parameters, but the images from the D700 are simply outstanding and I prefer them to anything else on the market today, pixel count not withstanding.

And the D700 is built a lot better than the D600. BUT, i'm stilll geting the D600 so I can carry it with my 35F2 and 24 2.8 primes. Now THAT was what I was waiting for from Nikon. A D90 sized FX body for my classic AF-D primes.

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